Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Pictures from the 2017 Comic-Con International, part 4: Friday, 7/21

Let's look at some more Comic-Con pictures! These are all from Friday, July 21st.

Friday was a big day for The Tick at Comic-Con. I got to the convention center a little bit early to line up for autograph tickets. Like the last few years, the weather in San Diego was a little warm, but luckily it was pretty mild and overcast this morning. The line to get into the Sails Pavilion snaked outside of the building and all over the place.

There's still plenty to see in line, I guess. This was one of my favorite costumes from the show, from the new Doom Patrol series! As in previous years, once the line started moving, I was able to get through it pretty quickly and get the tickets I was hoping to get. Most people were trying get tickets to a Justice League cast signing, so it was mostly smooth sailing for everyone else.

After leaving the Sails Pavilion, it was back to the show floor. This Dr. Fate costume was probably the best of the show. I love the light-up eyes.

Here's Marge Simpson at the Bongo Comics booth!

And that's a Frank Miller sighting.

The day before, I got tickets to the Gerard Way/Gabriel Ba signing at the Dark Horse booth. Way is the lead singer of My Chemical Romance as well as a comic book writer, so there were lots of weepy fans crowding around. They were signing posters for the new Umbrella Academy series that's coming to Netflix soon.

Here's a very flattering picture of both of us.

This is Marceline from Adventure Time, right? I'm going with it.

Lego Flash has an interesting codpiece.

Here's the ubiquitous comic convention Chewbacca appearance. Great costume!

I'm not sure if this Han Solo was specifically modeled after Freddy Mercury, but I really enjoyed it.

It's been said that Elvis designed one of his 1970s jumpsuits after Captain Marvel Jr., so it was awesome to see this mashup.

Beetlejuice doesn't really seem that out of place with Skeletor and Evil-Lyn.

I wasn't crazy about the Watchmen movie, but these costumes are great.

In the early afternoon, it was time to head back to the Sails Pavilion for the Tick autograph signing. This guy was rocking this great Tick mask.

Obviously, getting to talk with the people behind The Tick was a big highlight of the show for me. This was my first time meeting a number of these folks.

Everyone in line got a poster. Griffin has been practicing that Arthur artwork, I can tell.

Right after getting out of the Tick line, I hopped a few rows down and got into an autograph line for Milo Murphy's Law, the Disney cartoon starring "Weird Al" Yankovic, who was there with two of the show's creators. This was announced at the last minute, so I think this flew under the radar for a lot of people.

While I was in line, Samm Levine from "Freaks and Geeks" and "Wet Hot American Summer" showed up!

I didn't expect to see Al at the show, so it was a nice surprise. I got to give him and the show creators some UHF enamel pins that I had made for the convention. It must be weird seeing your face on fan-made items, but Al is always a friendly, easy-going guy. I hope he liked it.

After I got out of THAT line, I ran straight to the Tick panel. I unintentionally snuck into an exit door for the room. I was by myself at this point, so I was able to find a single seat right up in front. The panel started about five minutes after I arrived. I cut a lot of things close this day, but it all worked out, which was a relief.

The second episode of the Amazon show streamed at the panel, about a month before anyone else got to see it, and the cast followed it up with a Q&A. The room was packed by the time it all started.

There were a lot number of Tick family members in the audience as well. I saw Jackson Publick after the panel ended!

Team Tick members must have had some free time later in the day on Friday, because I saw a number of them on the convention floor before the show ended. I gotta get me one of those shirts!

The show ended about an hour after the panel let out, so I walked the floor for the rest of the day. Friday was a great day for costumes. This Luke Cage is classic. The guy really sells it.

Here's a scandalous super-family.

You don't see many J Jonah Jameson costumes out there. Kudos to him with the prop.

I think the new Spider-Man costume is pretty good. Nothing beats the original, but I like it.

Here's The Tick and Arthur, once again! These guys are really dedicated to the property. They show up in these costumes every year.

And that is it for Friday! It was a VERY busy day. Lots of fun! More to come.


Larry said...

Didn't you end up with one of those Tick masks? How'd that come to be?

Jeff said...

I'm not sure if the masks are licensed or not (I'm inclined to think not, but I dunno), but yeah, I got one later on.