Friday, April 6, 2012

Ye olde photo dump

I recently traded in my old phone (from a carrier that no longer exists, if that tells you anything) for a new iPhone, and I'm really happy with pretty much everything about it.  I can check my e-mail constantly, play Pac Man, keep up on the Pirates and their 20th consecutive losing season...oh, and it also makes phone calls (quaint)!

One of the things I like most about the phone is the camera.  It's an eight megapixel and it's very convenient.  Of course, every time I look at the thumbnails, I see a handful of pictures I should really just delete, but darn it, I'm saving them for the blog to show at some point.  I figure that I've got enough that I should just show them all at once (and finally do some spring cleaning in the camera roll).

At the very top of this page you'll find the official Comic-Con magazine, mailed out a couple months ago.  It's a neat preview of this year's show...and judging by the cover, I'd imagine that the new Spider-Man movie might have a big presence there.  It's pretty cool.

It was my birthday recently, and once again, Google eerily wished me well on the day.  It's a cute gesture, but really, does anyone else get a little weirded out by the fact that Google seemingly goes out of its way to make this personal note?  Thanks in any case, Google.

I just polished off the last piece of birthday cake from Dairy Queen.  I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but the price of an ice cream cake is exactly $20.99.  No one else finds this funny, but I do.

On an recent trip to Bridgeville, PA's Impossible Dreams comics, I took a picture of the store.  You're welcome, Google images!

I was browsing through Evil Genius Comics in California, PA, when someone brought in a box of old comics they bought at a garage sale.  There were some nice books in the collection, though most of them were in pretty bad shape, including this copy of Incredible Hulk #180, which has the first appearance of Wolverine in it.  It's only a cameo, but it still goes for a good bit of money in good condition.  The guys who work there were nice enough to let me take a picture with it.  I was going for "flippant".  How'd I do?

I was directed to the blog TMNT Master, which has turned out to be a site that sucks up large chunks of my time.  It's just mesmerizing.  So when I saw the sign that said "the shredder is dead!" at work, I had to add an image of my own to complete the picture.  If someone would like to make those at TMNT Master aware of this, I'd be okay with that.  Very okay.  Extremely okay.  You get the idea.

This isn't a picture I took, just a random image I found online.  And it's hilarious.  It looks like Rick is on the phone and the horse is taking a break between shots.  Fantastic.

There we go.  My phone thanks you for the following post.  Now I can delete all of these pictures.  Well, the TMNT one probably stays.

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Larry Franks said...

I don't think I ever deleted a pic from my phone. I even backed them all up using goggle+. Love my old photos. These photos are great though.