Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wear this on your chest!

Here's a new image of the Yeti from none other than Duane Redhead that I'm happy to show off.  What could this iconic image be used for?  Nothing other than a new Teddy and the Yeti t-shirt that I'm having printed.  I'm working on a few different designs (some Teddy and the Yeti, some not) that I'm hoping to have out for conventions this year (ah hem, especially Comic-Con), and this just might be the crown jewel.

Pose look familiar?  Well, I'm nothing if not consistent.  Above is a loving homage to one of my favorite Kirby drawings of...

YUP.  Like you didn't see that coming.  We'll see how far we get with this.

1 comment:

Larry Franks said...

Duane did a great job, really captured the feel of the original.