Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pictures from the 2012 Pittsburgh Comicon, part 2

It's a new day, and that means more pictures from the recently concluded 2012 Pittsburgh Comicon!  Let's get it going:

We start today's pictures with another X-23 costume.  This one reflects the current comic book costume...and I'll say that the girl posing here even looks like her comic counterpart.  She did a nice job with the claws.

After hours, people mess up random booths at shows.  You know this, right?  This is why you never leave anything irreplaceable at a convention overnight.  This act of violence isn't quite random,'s the FUBAR booth, and here I am pretty much literally lifting the veil after hours one night. Take that, security!


Here's a kid who knows what time it is...I enjoyed this Thing costume immensely.  I tried to hand this guy a free copy of a Fantastic Four annual as he walked by the booth, but he would have none of it, almost running away rather than speaking to me.  Oh well.  Check out the lady in the background!  She is either a very concerned parent or someone who does not understand where she is or what is happening.

These two girls had a few costumes for the show.  I know the the girl on the right was also Aquagirl (or a female version of Aquaman...either way) on Saturday.  You don't see many Silver Sable costumes at conventions.  The Domino costume was pretty good, too.

This guy made his Batman costume out of what felt like old tires.  I'm sure that's not the material he used, but still.  He did a great job at making it realistic.

We called this guy over to the booth, and reminded us to "watch it with the B word!"  He was in character the whole show and really did a superb job all around.  You can tell the girl in the background was probably too young to ever see the movie.  She was not impressed.  She should have been!

Stan Lee made appearances on both Saturday and Sunday.  This was taken on Sunday, when he signed comics just a few booths over from mine.  People were taking pictures and gawking the whole time.  Stan is such a celebrity and people get giddy whenever he's in the room, and I'm no exception.  After he was done signing (at $40 a pop, no less), he walked past me.  All I could muster was a "Stan!  All right!"  Like that was a coherent thought and something he could respond to.  Oh well.

Video game Scarecrow.  The bodybuilder woman in the background took several pictures with him, and in a few he pretended to stab her in the ass with his needle fingers.  It was weird.

There's so much going on in this picture.  I think the guy on the left is from the Mass Effect video game, and we've already seen Macho Man and Batman & Robin.  If what I heard was correct, the guy dressed as Batman made both he Mass Effect and Robin costume as well as his own.  Quite handy!

I don't ever see a lot of Masters of the Universe costumes at conventions, for some reason.  Here's Orko and Ram Man, both of which are really well done.  I love Ram Man's armor!  Kinda weird that he's wearing sneakers and didn't complete the outfit.

I've still got more pictures to show, so I'll (probably) wrap it up with one more installment.  See you then!  Not literally.  I can't actually see you looking at these online.  That's probably a good thing.


Phishbon3s said...

Greetings! Glad you enjoyed the Ram-Man costume. We figured out halfway through the con that he forgot to put his boots on. We fixed it before the Costume Contest. I was dressed as Shadow Weaver from She-ra, not Orko *giggles*. Everyone (but 3 people) was making that mistake, so I just rolled with it. Lol!

Jeff said...

Blast! I'll admit that my She-Ra knowledge is not up to snuff...thanks for the correction! Either was, these were two great costumes.