Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pictures from the 2012 Pittsburgh Comicon, part 1

The 2012 Pittsburgh Comicon has come and gone, and now all that's left are the tales to tell and the pictures to show.  It was a fun time and I appreciate all of you who came out and stopped for a little bit at the Wagon Wheel Comics booth.  Conventions, especially smaller ones such as the Pittsburgh show, can get lonely in the small press section, so it was great to see everyone who said hello, bought a comic, or just stared, frightened and confused, as they walked on by.

Let's get to the picture showing, already!  At the top is the first of two attendees I saw dressed up as X-23, Wolverine's girl clone, and both were very well done.  The addition of the "foot claw" was nice.

The Batmobile (referred to as the "Gotham Supercar") from the 1960s tv show was on hand and it was looking spiffy.  For ten bucks you could get your picture taken inside the car.  For no bucks you could take pictures with your iPhone real quick and hope no one noticed.

You don't see too many Dr. Doom costumes at conventions, and you see even fewer ones that are well done.  This certainly counts as a good Doom costume.  I asked the man inside about his armor - he said that he made much of it himself.  Pretty impressive!  Oh, and later on, I found out that I went to college with the girl in the background in the purple pullover.

The cape was a little stiff, but otherwise, this was a fantastic costume.  Whoever was underneath had the right build for Batwoman and she did a great job at making the suit.  I'll never understand why the character from the comics is so pale - is she an albino?  Does she paint herself?  Regardless, the face paint was a nice touch and it really added to what was an incredible costume.

Speaking of body paint, here's an Orion Starfleet cadet straight from the new Star Trek movie.  In the original series (and furthered by Enterprise), Orion women were portrayed as slaves (with an interesting twist) who danced provocatively.  I wonder what the story is with Uhura's roommate.

Pirate Deadpool!  With sneakers.

This guy even has a general Robert Downy, Jr. look to him.  He apparently showed up too late for the costume contest on Sunday, which is a shame (I guess), because he almost certainly would have taken home a prize.  Costumes in general were top notch over the weekend.  A small show like Pittsburgh's doesn't usually draw this many meticulously detailed costumes, from what I've seen in the past, but the attendees really outdid themselves this year.

It took me a while to get the meaning behind this guy's shirt, but once I did...YES!  Bravo.  Apparently, a lot of people were coming up with Dark Crystal comparisons, but those are incorrect!

The pot always makes or breaks this classic Red Tornado costume.  This one is pretty good.  Also, the girl in the back (with the pink hair) worked on an animated music video for "Weird Al" Yankovic, forever cementing her in the category of "people I admire until I die and even then probably longer".

Jeff McComsey and Stephen Lindsay were at the show hawking FUBAR and 215 Ink products (and a few other things).  This picture proves that yes, they did actually sell stuff, unless Jeff here was just making change for a passerby.  These guys got a corner booth near the entrance and had a nice display going on.  After the show on Saturday, we had dinner and talked FUBAR and comics in general.  It was a great time out.

I'll stop with this picture, because it'll be difficult for others to live up to what's happening here.  The guy on the left is sporting a really well done, Alex Ross-inspired Batman suit.  On the right we have Larry, dressed up (for the second time, even!) as Macho Man Randy Savage.  Check out the belt!  It's great quality and is really heavy.

There are more pictures to show, so stick around for the next few days (if not, you know, longer) to see more great costumes and other images and stories from the 2012 Pittsburgh Comicon.


Jeff Lafferty said...

Cool! Love that Doc Doom.

Larry Franks said...

You got a lot of background things going on. Crazy. I love seeing pictures of me on the internet. Don't we all??