Sunday, July 31, 2011

Q&A with "Artboy_X", part 2

Today I finish our much anticipated q&a with Artboy_X, in which I unfairly try to corner him into drawing some Teddy and the Yeti, and he expertly dodges it.  Seriously, it was impressive.  Here we go!

JM: Tell us a little bit about this X-Plosive Comics anthology you'd like to put together. What is your overall goal with it? What do you hope to accomplish?

X: The X-Plosive Comics anthology will introduce characters from the X-Plosive Comics Universe. I’ve been a comic book addict since the 7th grade - since then I’ve had this burning fire to share my stories and characters with the world. My goal is to create stories that are unique and entertaining; with the help of my comic book creator friends I hope to stand toe-to-toe with Marvel and DC and bring peace to the world - via our comic books.

JM: In addition to Mr. Massive and a few other short projects, one that stands out to me is Bloodspade (beyond the fact that its name contains the word "Blood" like so many Image books from the 1990s). Tell us a little bit about the character - what makes him stand out?

X: First off I would like to state that yes I am a BIG fan of Image Comics and Rob Liefeld books! I basically grew up on CyberForce, WildCATS, YoungBlood, Spawn, WetWORKS, Savage Dragon and many other books from the 90s. Rob Liefeld may not draw hands or feet properly but his designs are second to none - and his art bleeds excitement.

BloodSpade is a book that dares to ask the question, “who will save our super heroes?” A serial killer is on the lose and he specializes in killing super heroes. The police protect our neighborhoods, the CIA and FBI watch over countries, super heroes save the world, but who will save the super heroes? BloodSpade is in development and continuously evolving as we speak, but that is the basic premise. 

JM: Now that you are an adult, do you continue to eat all of your vegetables when you have dinner?

X: Broccoli and cabbage are my favorites. Actually, I am a big fan of healthy eating, but once in a while I will reward myself with a bucket of cookies & cream ice cream or a large pizza. My full-time job requires me to stay lean and mean. The world depends on it... 

JM: You used to live out in sunny California before moving to the East coast. What do you miss most about southern Cali?

X: Living in the Long Beach/Los Angeles area made it a lot easier to check out all the local conventions. The San Diego, Long Beach, and Los Angeles comic conventions were 30 minutes to two hours away. But, seeing how 99% of my family resides in Southern Cali, and me being away for so long, I would have to say that family is what I miss most...and of course the weather, oh and this may seem a little odd but I do miss the traffic on the 405 and 91 freeways. (just a little)

JM: THE WORLD IS WATCHING, so you must be honest: will you draw a pinup for a future issue of Teddy and the Yeti? You know it'd look great.

X: Yes, Yes I would love to draw a pin-up for Teddy and the Yeti. It is already on my bucket list! Just need a little lead about two years? (WELL DONE, SIR! - JM)
My pursuit of a successful career in the comic book industry started in 1996 (when I sent out my first submission to Marvel and hundreds of other publishers). Fast forward to 2011 and I find myself with my first interview. I think I’m making good progress.

And that's it for this round of Yeti Q&A.  The X-Plosive Comics anthology has its Kickstarter page here...check it out:

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