Friday, July 29, 2011

Teddy and the Yeti card by Antonio Crespo

Last year, when I printed out the 18-card set of Teddy and the Yeti trading cards, I made sure to get a greater amount of card #1 so I could hand them out at conventions.  It so happens that I have run out of those extra cards, and rather than get more printed, I decided to do something a little different and print out one new card that will serve as a promotional item for future conventions.

I like this idea for a couple reasons - first...dammit I just like to see new Teddy and the Yeti art.  Second, while the first card of the trading card set certainly has some introductory elements to it, it didn't do much to give people an outlet to learn more about the series.  If someone picked up the card at a convention and didn't look at it until he or she got home afterwards, that person might be stuck without enough reason to check out the series online.  On the back of this new card I'll have information about the book, the trading card set, and perhaps most importantly, where they can go online to find more stuff about the characters.  I think it'll serve me well in the future - starting with the quickly approaching Baltimore Comic-Con.

The very talented Antonio Crespo is responsible for the great new art that will be gracing the card.  I asked him to create an 'iconic' image of the two main characters, as is befitting a promotional item like this, and he didn't fail to impress.  The Yeti is much more beastly than she's been portrayed before, and Ted is sporting some fancy new goggles, but I'm happy with the interpretation and I'm sure it'll make some people look twice at the book.

The card is being printed by Versicolor Productions, the same company that produced the first card set, so I'm confident that the quality will be high when I get these back in a little while.  If you're coming to the Baltimore Comic-Con on August 20th and/or 21st, stop by and grab one of these cards!

Here's a fun fact about Antonio: we both went to Youngstown State University, though he left the place the year before I started.  We had a fun conversation about all of the porno shops and liquor stores in the surrounding area.  Check out his deviantART page here:!

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