Thursday, February 3, 2011

Teddy and the Yeti logo: a (kind of) step by step process

I was going through some files yesterday looking for a few old page layouts.  As sometimes happens during these searches, I find myself looking at things that have nothing to do with what I'm trying to find.  Such is the case with these logo concepts put together for Teddy and the Yeti a few years back.

These designs are all by the extremely talented Jimmy Vann, who also created the Andromeda Jones logo that I love so very very much.  I've since lost track of Jimmy - I wrote to him one day and it shot right back to me.  Jimmy, come back!!  But before disappearing mysteriously he put together these different logo possibilities that you see below.  The directions I gave mentioned that I wanted the "Teddy" part to be neat and organized while the "Yeti" part should be wild and animalistic:

The first thing I had to do, obviously, was point out that "Yeti" only had one "t".  It should be apparent that I thought option D was the best, though "Teddy" seemed too cute for my liking, almost like it was a logo for some teddy bear-type toy.  Since Ted is a robot, I thought it'd be fitting to have his name look metallic, with rivets and the like.  Jimmy took my comments and came back with the following:

...which is pretty close to the final version.  I wasn't crazy about the claw marks and I wanted to see what the logo would look like if "Teddy" were in all caps, which led to this new sheet of options:

After seeing the results, all caps didn't really do it for me, so I went with #2 on the list.  Looking back on these files, I still think I made the right choice.  Jimmy was so helpful in putting this logo together and he freely came up with so many options out of his own sense of creativity.  The logo work he did is one of the first things people see when they come across the book and the characters, so it's really important in that regard.  I don't know what everyone else thinks of the logo, but I'm pretty sure I struck gold.

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Bo Duke said...

Logo A in the first pic really reminds me of the Arrested Development logo.