Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's time this blog went to work for me.

Back when my wife and I were dating, one of the comics I tried to get her hooked on was Spider-Girl, which was an easily accessible, fun book with a strong female lead character.  After she took to the book, I even went as far as to buy her her own copy each month (in addition to the one I was buying for myself, mind you) - so in case she ever thought about ditching me for some other guy, at least I would have the leverage point of "well, I guess you won't know what's happening with Spider-Girl anymore...".  I'm sure that would have worked.

I spent most of last summer organizing my boxes and boxes (AND BOXES) of comics, and I came across those doubles of Spider-Girl, all bagged and boarded and in numerical order.  Since we've been married for over five years now, we decided that there really wasn't any reason to keep two copies of every issue, so...eBay sale!

Perhaps I'm breaking some kind of unwritten blog rule by using this post as a cheap way to advertise books that I'm selling...though I suppose that's what I use this blog for with Teddy and the Yeti every chance I I guess that's not the best example.  In any case, I'm selling a total of 74 issues of Spider-Girl (including a complete run from issue 31 all the way to 90) and HEY, what a great addition they'd make to your collection.  Or perhaps your friend's collection.  Or if you wanted to get a bunch of books for real cheap and then set them on fire.  Once they're yours, what you do with them is up to you. They each start at 99 cents for 10- and 11-issue lots!  And they feature the work of Teddy and the Yeti friends Pat Olliffe and Ron Frenz!  Wow.

Feel free to check 'em out and send me absurd questions through eBay's messaging system.  Perhaps I'll even post the strangest one.  You never know.  Ooh, look!  Here are some links!

Issues 0, 3, 6, 15, 19, 23 and 25-29
Issues 31-40
Issues 41-50
Issues 51-60
Issues 61-70
Issues 71-80
Issues 81-90
Spider-Girl Presents The Buzz issues 1-3

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