Monday, February 28, 2011

"End of the Line!" for DC Conspiracy's "Magic Bullet"

Jeff McComsey and I recently worked together on a one page story for the Washington, DC area "Magic Bullet" newspaper from DC Conspiracy.  Magic Bullet is a new newspaper that showcases independent comic creators primarily from the DC area.  Our entry is above, and I'm pretty psyched about it - not only because I think it turned out really well overall, but also because it'll be printed on good old fashioned newsprint (the people's paper stock) like the comics of yesterday.  Really, I love how those comics smell.  Perhaps that's something odd about me.

If the page dimensions look a bit off or there looks to be too many panels, that's because this one page story will be printed on oversized (when compared to standard American comic books, anyway), 11x16 inch paper.

I enjoyed working on this short project, and not just because Jeff's artwork is so fantastic (it is, though).  The story was especially fun because I basically got to write a war story with the primary focus on grammar...two subjects that really couldn't be much further apart.  I'll admit that there are better idioms out there than "end of the line" and "just deserts" (which is spelled correctly with only one "s", in case anyone wants to point that out), like "I've seen the light" or something to that regard, but hey, I'm working with my limited grasp of the English language, here, so cut me a break.  Heck.

This story will be a part of Magic Bullet's second issue, and is given away absolutely for free in the DC metro area.  This means two things: first, if you live in the nation's capital, look for this newspaper and give it a try.  Second, let me know if you find any, because then I may...uh...ask you to mail me one or two.

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