Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So...what's next?

It's about time for me to start thinking about the upcoming convention season.  Actually, it's past time for that, but what can I decisions need some time to properly...age?  Like cheese?  Maybe I'm not on top of my metaphor game today.  Oh well.

In any case, as conventions are not only the lifeblood of a small press publisher like Wagon Wheel Comics but are also a lot of fun, I'm going to try to make it to at least two convetions this season.  There are a lot of options, especially on the east coast, so I'm trying to weigh each one and figure out which would be best.  As much fun as the New York Comic Con was in 2010, it was unbelievably expensive and logistically challenging.  I also think I'll skip out on the Pittsburgh Comicon this April as I might not have enough new material out by that time...and I have no intention to exhibit coninuously with just the same old stuff as before (not that there's anything wrong with the old stuff...I just want to give people something new to check out besides my face, aged one year since the last time they saw it).

I'm looking for suggestions - can anyone out there on the Internet(s) suggest a good show at which to present?  I think that maybe I'd prefer to keep it to the mid-range shows this year, and stay on the easern side of North America if at all possible.  That's not to say that if the right opportunity came along that met neither of those criteria I wouldn't jump at it.  I would, I would.

Some shows I'm thinking about as possibilities:

Baltimore Comic-Con (August 20-21) - I've actually applied to this show already (shock!) and, as the folks over there have found it in their hearts to cash my check, I'm going to say that there's a fair chance that this will happen.  I hear lots of good things about this show, especially in regards to the small press guys, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Motor City Comic Con (May 13-15) - I'm on the fence about this show.  The application fee is very reasonable, the dates would work well with the Baltimore show (it'd be nice to space out these appearances a little over the summer, and the Baltimore con takes place in August), and I have lots of good memories of Detroit from the Steeler victory in Super Bowl XL.  I worry, though, that this might be too small of a show - that I wouldn't stand a chance of making up any of my expenses over this weekend.  Money certainly isn't everything when it comes to conventions, at least not to me, anyway, but it has to be considered.

FanExpo Canada (August 25-28) - I would honestly LOVE to go to this show, but the dates make it pretty difficult.  I'd have to wrap up in Baltimore on Sunday and be in Toronto, ready to go, on Thursday.  I'm not saying it'd be impossible and I would like to go to this show one day (it's a fairly big show - number three or four in North America)...I just don't know if THIS year would work out.

Mid-Ohio Con (October 22-23) - The Mid-Ohio Con, located in Columbus, was actually recently purchased by the Wizard World circuit, and I really don't know if that makes this show more or less enticing to go to.  On one hand, and despite the fact that Wizard recently announced that it would stop publishing the magazine, the name does have some clout in a "you know what to expect" kind of way.  On the other, Wizard Worlds seem to cater more and more to fans of tv shows and movies than to those of comics.  Of course, yes, I would like to get to meet Adam West some day.  I suppose that all of this would be true for Wizard World Philadelphia (July 17-19).

So - what does everybody (anybody?) think?  Are any of these shows more worth it than others?  Anyone with a different con to suggest?  There are lots more - Dragon Con, Emerald City Comic Con, APE...plenty to choose from, but I'm looking for two or three.

Help me out.

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Sara said...

Let's do them all!!! YAY! Also, I hear Dragon Con is very cool...