Friday, February 25, 2011

Karin Rindevall draws Ted

Teddy and the Yeti colorist Karin Rindevall recently undertook an ambition challenge of drawing 365 different characters in one year (at least, I think that was the story).  It was awesome to see that Ted made the list at #302!  I've posted that particular entry above, but do yourself a favor and check out some of Karin's other work over at her website.  In addition to coloring the heck out of Teddy and the Yeti as well as some other related projects, Karin also had a pinup in Teddy and the Yeti #3.  Oh, and she's totally Swedish, which any way you look at it is cool.  It is!  It's a fact.

Check out more of Karin's 365 characters here and visit the homepage here!  Thanks, Karin!

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