Friday, August 13, 2010

unexpected art

Mike Harvey, a friend of mine since middle school (...six years ago...), surprised me with this painting a few days ago.  Mike is a talented guy, but I never knew he had much skill in the way of art, even though we totally put a three page comic together a long time ago featuring a clay sculpted caveman titled "Primordial Soup".  Mike drew a picture of a caveman eating soup for a masthead-like panel and I added the caption "Needs more amoeba."  Perhaps I'll post it here one day if I can dig it up.

Anyway, Mike is obviously going for a Mini-Marvels vibe for this portrait of the Yeti, which I'm really liking.  This is going to serve as the pinup for Teddy and the Yeti I guess I completely ruined that surprise.  But I've been enjoying it a lot since I've gotten it...and now everyone else can, too.  Thanks, Mike.