Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Here's what's next:

A few days ago I was asked if Teddy and the Yeti #3 was the end of the series.  It's not, of course, but I understand the question as it's been a few months between issues and everything that's come so far has had an ending to it - I haven't left too many "to be continued" questions (though there still is the issue of Ted's submarine abduction from issue #1...) and that was by design.  Even so, Duane and I are working hard on getting the next story finished so we can get it out to you, the discerning reader.  You are discerning, right?  Of course you are.

Above you'll see a preview of the next few issues/stories we'll be telling.  This page is going to be printed in the short promo book that I'll be taking with me to the New York Comic-Con, but I want to make it as available as possible for anyone to see, which is why I'm posting it here and will soon have it on the main website and Teddy and the Yeti's Facebook page.  So, hey - tell a friend and help me get the word out, if you would.

The art on this page is provided by Alan Gallo, who did a great job all around as usual.  I've included clues to the next three issues of Teddy and the Yeti (yes, Rusty will be in a story), even touching on some of the backup stories that appear in each issue.  I think the Andromeda Jones story, drawn by Nick Acs, will run in issue #5 as long as I get the art in on time.

Look for the special promo issue soon!  And issue #4 will be soon to follow!  Exciting stuff!

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Bo Duke said...

Rusty looks great!!!