Friday, August 27, 2010

FUBAR's Diamond order code: do it for zombie FDR!

Jeff McComsey sent me this image today for the worldwide release of the Fubar graphic novel, which includes my short "Yalta!" story and a bunch of other stuff.  Not only is this image pretty awesome, but it's significant in that it includes the all-important Diamond order code, which as we all know is crucial to the book's success: whether or not Diamond ultimately carries the book will be determined by the number of pre-orders it gets.

If I had to guess, I'd venture that Fubar will meet its benchmark quota with no problem - if nothing else, a large number of creators means that friends and family of those creators will be ordering a nice chunk.  But just to be sure, we should all reach down deep into our souls, write down the order code, drive on over to the local comic shop, and order the heck out of this book.  Seriously, do it.  If it does well, we just might get another Yalta-inspired tale out there.

So, to reiterate: pre-order Fubar with Diamond order code SEP100743!  Your country will thank you.

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