Thursday, August 26, 2010

Joe Sinnott on the Fantastic Four's 50th anniversary

I recently conducted an interview with the illustrious Joe Sinnott for the fourth issue of Teddy and the Yeti.  Joe's work over the years has been nothing short of inspirational, and the cover he drew for the aforementioned issue is a testament to that.  I'll leave most of the questions for the book itself (BUY IT!), but there was one response that I felt needed to be published here and now:
Jeff: Next year is the 50th anniversary of the Fantastic Four at Marvel, and I expect to see a number of titles spring up in celebration.  To the point that you are allowed to say, will you be working on anything for this anniversary?  Can you divulge any details?
Joe: Marvel has yet to contact me concerning any projects involving the FF, but I certainly hope I am included in some capacity. I was fortunate enough to ink many of the FF's 40th Anniversary Worlds Greatest Comics. That was 12 issues.  I probably wouldn't want to ink that much at this stage, but I would really like to contribute something as I feel I have been a big part in the success of the FF lasting for 50 years.
There's still time for Marvel to step up and include Joe in what will obviously be a pretty big deal over at the company - and who knows, maybe they're in the process of doing that as I write this.  But it's disappointing that there's been no movement on this as of yet, in any case.  Stan and Jack are the undisputed creators of the FF, but I feel strongly in my position that the characters wouldn't be the same without Joe's influence over the years.  Here's hoping that 2011 brings more Fantastic Four with Joe Sinnott handling inking chores.  He deserves the recognition for all he's done for the book.

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