Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Franks and Beans visit the Pittsburgh Comicon

The second season of Franks and Beans is slowly winding down (check out the YouTube page!), but it JUST! KEEPS! GETTING! BETTER!

Back in April, I mentioned that I'd be trying to film an episode while attending the Pittsburgh Comicon, and above is the result of that venture.  The opening collage of shots is from the show, with folks like Margot Kidder and Scott McDaniel, and - what a coincidence! - the Wagon Wheel Comics booth with a Teddy and the Yeti image in plain sight.

I do plan on bringing the camera to the New York Comic Con and filming an episode - perhaps the season three opener! - while we're there.  But time management is crucial with these things.  We were thrown out of the convention hall (really!) with threats being hurled at us over the intercom because we all stayed much too late after the show was over to film.  I'd say that it was worth it, but still...I'd rather it not happen again, especially since security is sure to be tighter in the Big Apple.  Oh, how we suffer for our craft.

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