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Pictures from the 2013 Comic-Con International, part 2

Welcome back to the awesome site that posts pictures and also words about those pictures!  It's a great time.  Let's jump back in and see some more pictures from this year's Comic-Con!

In 2012, I noticed how Comic-Con was expanding well beyond the walls of the convention center.  This year was even more noticeable: there were events and headquarters set up all over the place, from parking lots to bars to mobile displays.  At one point, we had to walk over half a mile to get to where we were going, further proof that Comic-Con is expanding with almost no end in sight.  It's a great thing, but it's also well past the point of being able to see everything that's there.  I can't imagine what this show will be like in even five years.

One of the off-site locations was Felicia Day's Geek & Sundry headquarters, set up on the top floor of a local bar.  This is one of those sites that I'm sure will continue to grow and move to bigger and better locations.  We kicked off the day on Thursday by heading over to this location with a few hundred others.  After piling into the bar, Felicia Day came out for a quick Q&A and then a signing.  I'm a fan of Day from her role in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, but she's also well known for her involvement in projects like the Guild and her overall enthusiasm for gaming and geek culture.

It was a real highlight of the trip in general to get to spend some time at the Geek & Sundry location, where they later had lots of gaming events and other special guests.  Day was warm and cheerful as might be expected, but I think that everyone left that day wanting to be best friends with her, such was her infectiously sunny disposition.

I managed to make it to a few panels at the convention, including this Boom! Studios panel about editing held on Thursday.  I got to talk with Matt, the EIC of Boom!, after the panel.

The Teen Titans take a break.

Trenchcoats: the perfect comic book disguise.  This was a great nod to the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.

I think someone else dressed up as this particular Green Lantern at last year's show, but I still can't place the character.  From the cartoon, maybe?

Miss America!

The LEGO displays were impressive, as always.

Iron Man is always a crowd pleaser, apparently.  I saw a few full-size Iron Man displays at the show.

Adventure Time was, of course, very popular at the show.  This guy won my award for best Finn, hands down.  And yes, that includes all of the little kids who dressed up as Finn.  This guy was better!

Cartoon Network has this huge Ice King display on the floor.  Inside you could take your picture in the Ice King's jail, and the lines were GIGANTIC all week.  It would have been fun but you gotta pick and choose what you see and do.

This guy had a fantastic Aquaman costume, which he apparently made himself (the chain mail makes it all the more impressive).  He had a similarly chain-mailed Captain America costume last year.  It's a strange feeling, recognizing people from year to year.  You only see them briefly, but then there they are again, one year later.  I guess there aren't many people who you see walking around in an Aquaman costume.

A TEAM UP I WANT TO SEE: Wonder Woman and Arthur.  Seriously, this would make a great story.  Here's another fellow that I recognized from last year - or at least his costume, as he and the Tick made their way to the NEC booth.  It's a very well done live-action costume.

This was the Walking Dead display on the convention floor.  So much space!  But worth it for the effect.  A very nice job.

One of the stranger happenings at Comic-Con is the church group that pickets the convention every year.  They are, of course, well within their rights to exercise their free speech and share what they believe in.  But ultimately, they have to know that they are doing more harm than good, because all they end up doing is yelling at people, calling them perverts and telling them that they are going to hell. How many converts do they expect with tactics like these?  It's a shame.

Anyway, the group has spawned (heh, Spawn) imitators that provide some comic relief.  The have signs like the above in addition to ones that say "Galactus is Nigh" and "Kneel Before Zod".  I don't know if they even have passed to Comic-Con, or if they just come and hang out.  It's a funny situation.

How many more Comic-Con pictures do I have?  You might find yourself anxiously asking this question.  The answer is this: A LOT OF THEM!  So sit tight and come back to see more soon.

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