Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pictures from the 2013 Comic-Con International, part 1

Welcome back to the blog that I apparently still use!  It's been a while since the last update, but that's mostly because Comic-Con 2013 took place a little while ago, and as I've mentioned in the past, it's a heck of a trip to undertake.  But I'm back with most of my sanity, so over the next few weeks I'll be posting pictures from the event (and, gasp, other things) for everyone's enjoyment.  Let's get started with pictures from the very first few hours of the show, otherwise known as Preview Night!

I flew in to San Diego on Wednesday morning, and after picking up the rental car and checking into the hotel, I drove to the convention center to pick up my badge.  As soon as I left the parking garage just outside of Petco Park, the baseball stadium, I saw a large truck barreling down the road, painted bright pink in a Hello Kitty theme.  A Japanese woman in a bright pink wig was using a megaphone to shout in Japanese out of the window as the truck drove.  I knew that I had arrived!  A minute later, I got this opening shot with more Hello Kitty attendants.  There were a lot of displays set up outside of the convention center, and our parking garage was situated very close to a few of them.

The Adult Swim Fun House was open from Thursday through Saturday.  Some great stories came outta this setup.

This Silver Samurai full-size statue was on display to promote the new Wolverine movie!  After hours, the folks in charge would just throw a sheet over it, as if that completely disguised it.

Kia and DC Comics teamed up to make these...uh, cars.  I guess Jim Lee worked on this design at some point.

Here's the Aqua-Car!  Nowhere did it note if the car could go in the water or not.  If not, pick a different damn superhero theme.

This giant Smurf was in the process of being inflated as we walked by.  I like to think that the guy was just leaning down to pick up an eat him.

After waiting in a monstrous line (the first of many, of course), I picked up my Comic-Con tote bag, a con essential, and the programs for the weekend.  I'm happy to report that Duane Redhead had his Tick pinup printed in the Tick 25th anniversary section!  That's big news.

Here's a wonderful shot of myself right upon entering the convention floor.  Oh, and a new Pirate hat!  Great.  There were, of course, hoards of people everywhere.  I managed to pick up some merchandise on this night, including an exclusive Futurama action figure set with Destructor and Gender Bender.

This guy has at least some of the power.

Hey!  Here's the Futurama set I mentioned just a second ago.  The set didn't come with the ring, unfortunately, but it's still pretty cool.  I guess that the makers of the toys are setting up a Kickstarter  campaign for a new Morbo figure, which strikes me as odd.  The property is owned by 20th Century Fox - just release the damn toy without forcing me to pay extra for it.  But...sigh...I'll probably donate when the time comes, because I am a sucker.

Even on Preview Night, there are costumes to be seen.  Here's what I imagine is a flying monkey from the Wizard of Oz...

...and here's an even creepier costume of the rabbit thing from Donnie Darko!

After the show ended, we went out to a few of the parties that were happening within walking distance of the convention center.  This picture was taken from outside the "Under the SDCC" party, for the "Outside Comic-Con" blog.

This picture is from the "Nerdioke" party just a few blocks away.  We stayed here for most of the night, and it really started rocking after 11:00 or so.  Comic-Con is all about pacing yourself, and it was hard not to stay out all night on the first day of the show.  But there was lots more to do, and I'll post some of those pictures in just a few days.  Keep an eye on the blog as I'll actually start to update the thing again soon!

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