Friday, August 16, 2013

FUBAR: By the Sword #1 on sale now!

If you make it out to the comic shop this week, be sure to keep an eye out for FUBAR: By the Sword #1, the first issue of a two-part mini-series featuring medieval zombies in fantastic FUBAR fashion!  This issue is 44 pages and runs for only $2.99, which is, if I can say, a great deal.  Steve Becker outdid himself on the eerie cover that you see directly above.

I did some editing and production work for the book, and I also wrote one of the stories, featuring a guy who gets a bite taken out of his ass, apparently.  Actually, it's a zombified version of "The Miller's Tale" from Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury yes, I managed to embarrass myself by trying to adapt one of the most beloved literary works in human history, in case you were wondering.  But the ass biting thing has a little more context now.

Art on my story was provided by the extremely talented Rob Croonenborghs, who really outdid himself in bringing it to life...and afterlife, I guess.

The issue also has stories from FUBAR stalwarts like Jeff McComsey, Chuck Dixon, Jim McMunn, Michael McDermott and Julie Shelton, to name a few, plus some new faces to the FUBAR scene, including a special "Barbarian Lord" story from the always impressive Matt Smith!

By the Sword #2 is available for pre-order now and should be in shops in late September or early October.  It also sports a cover by Steve Becker and moves thematically from medieval times to feudal Japan!  The FUBAR machine keeps on rolling.

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