Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pick up a preview of FUBAR Vol. 3 at the Baltimore Comic-Con!

FUBAR head honcho Jeff McComsey, art director Steve Becker and a host of other artists and writers will be on hand at this year's Baltimore Comic-Con (going on today and tomorrow) with special convention editions of FUBAR volume 3: American History Z!  If you're heading to the show, be sure to stop by and see them.  The Baltimore show is always fun and this year should be no exception.  Also on tap for the show, two FUBAR chick tracts!

These mini comics are based off of the (in)famous religious pamphlets and are sure to go fast.  Jeff, if you're Googling yourself and happen to read this, save me a couple!  I'd hate to miss out because these look just swell.

Also, the first volume of FUBAR has rolled over into its third printing (a big deal)!  The cover this time around is the same as the second printing, except for one tiny difference...can anyone spot it?

Best of luck to my fellow FUBARbarians.  I've got a feeling we're just getting started.

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