Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hawken #6 out now!

A while ago, I showed off the cover to Hawken #6 from IDW.  The book is lovingly rendered by Ben and Tim Truman, FUBAR veterans both, and the incentive cover to #6 is by Jeff McComsey, Dom Vivona and Steve Becker, no strangers to FUBAR themselves.  At the last minute, Hawken #6 had another addition - a half page comic by myself and yet another FUBAR luminary by the name of Pietro.

This is, of course, very exciting.  IDW has grown quite a bit in the last several years to the point where they're counted among the major comic book publishers.  While they're best known for their licensed properties like Transformers and the Ninja Turtles, every so often they'll release a creator owned series such as Hawken, a western horror tale that's among the best of them.

Even though my contribution is only a half page, I still feel like this is a big deal.  If nothing else, IDW is one of the most recognizable publishers to print my work; certainly the most high profile since Dark Horse's Strip Search which was printed FOREVER ago.

So let's say that you have no desire to read my comic book writing, but as you're reading this, you feel a slight twinge of guilt over this apathy.  If you pick up Hawken #6, you can spend about 15 seconds, read the entire strip, and say that you have, indeed, supported my comic book career!  What a compromise!  That'd be great.

Many thanks to Ben and Tim for the opportunity.  The trade collection, which is already solicited on Amazon, will also include the strip, which is, in its own way, another bit of exciting news.  As IDW is a major company, you should be able to find this book at pretty much any comic store in North America and beyond.  So go get it!  And don't be a jerk.

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