Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We all love random notes! With FUBAR, TMNT, a Hulk haiku, Franks and Beans and more!

I've got a little bit to say about a lot of things.  Who wants to hear them?  All of you?  All right, then let's get started.

- The last day for comic shops to order the FUBAR: Summer Special one shot is almost upon us!  I put this above flyer together and FUBAR head honcho Jeff McComsey did a lot of legwork in contacting individual shops about the book.  We're both very excited about the chances of this single issue doing well in stores.  It's got stories by Chuck Dixon, Tim Truman, Michael McDermott and...me.  So ask your local comic shop to order a few copies!  The Diamond order code is JUN12 0760.

- The number of page hits I'm getting per month continues to grow pretty steadily.  With a few days left in June, this has already been the most popular month for the blog (thanks, everybody...and also Google Images).  A big reason for that was a link that someone posted on Reddit, linking to a post I wrote last year about Bernard Krigstein's "Master Race".  It's a fantastic short comic, and I've got the whole sequence posted, so if you haven't gotten around to reading it yet, do it!

- I took a trip to Goodwill a few days ago and landed a Franks and Beans prop and a component for a Comic-Con costume (a great haul!).  While there, I spotted Venom hanging out in a collection of some random junk.  I'm not sure what his scheme is, but rest assured that no good will come from it.

- After my spring semester ended at school, I posted awful pictures my students had drawn of the Hulk.  My good friend Lauren, formerly of the Grouchy Gastronome website, sent my a Hulk haiku in celebration of this event.  Perhaps in direct violation of her wishes, here is her poem:
There's no Hulk picture
For I am not an artist
Enjoy this instead
Well, Hulk, what do you think?

Oh, Hulk, you're such an idiot.  The Thing is so much better than you.

- Fullfilling a wild and long-standing fantasy of mine, a picture I took has been seen and shared by others on the Internet, as the "The Shredder is Dead" picture I made and took at school was posted to the TMNT Tumbler page and reblogged by several dozen others!  YES!  Viral images!  Please share with your friends, Internet.

Oh, and Paramount shut down Michael Bay's live-action Ninja Turtle movie in hopes of finding a better script.  Heh.

- Click here for a nice and wildly positive review of this year's XCon Myrtle Beach.  There are lots of pictures from the event, including the above one.  It's funny because this is my table from the convention...before I showed up.  Ha!  That happened a lot.

- Facebook is getting eerily specific with its ads, as I found this waiting for me one day when I incessantly casually checked my page.  Really?  There are enough Weird Al fans out there that Facebook can run an ad specifically catering to them?  Wow.  And the guy in this ad looks dumb.  Get with the times, man.  Weird Al shaved his mustache years ago!

- Finally, here's a programming update on Comic-Con's film festival!  Franks and Beans didn't make the cut.  Oh, heck.  It was a long shot, I guess, but that's still a bit of a bummer.  I'm sure there will be plenty of good entries on display.  In the meantime, here's an extra new episode of Franks and Beans with special guest stars - from this summer's Dark Knight Rises - Christopher Nolan and Joseph Gordon-Levitt!  Maybe.


The Grouchy Gastronome said...

As always Jeff, thank you for sharing my deeply heartfelt poetry with your readers.

Jeff said...

I do what I can.