Friday, June 8, 2012

another Teddy and the Yeti handbook page

Teddy and the Yeti #4 makes its way to the printer in the next few days, and I find myself staying up late working on page after page to make sure it happens.  Recently crossed off the list is this issue's handbook entry, which is a beast to work on for sure.  On one hand, I like the idea of this extra content and of handbooks in general, but in practice, the handbook pages are so unbelievably tedious and they take up an incredible amount of time and energy to create.

Even so, I can't imagine that the handbook entries will be going anywhere any time soon.  If nothing else, they force me to come up with backstory for characters that are otherwise a bit shallow - case in point, this issue features an entry on the Aquaticons, seen in Teddy and the Yeti #0, a story that was reprinted in issue #3.

I also, with Joe Martino's permission, wrote up an entry on Maldestrak, the main villain of the War of the Independents series, which was fun to do.

I wonder if I should put all of these handbook entries up on the website as a reference for anyone who wants to learn more about the characters.  Perhaps I'll get on that after I (a hem) update the "previews" section of the main site and this blog.  We shall see.  This issue will be on sale at Comic-Con!

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