Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Comic-Con shirts from Wagon Wheel Comics!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record (does that metaphor still work?), preparing for Comic-Con is not for the weak of heart.  I've still got lots to do, but I'm starting to whittle down (does that metaphor still work??) the projects I've got to complete for the show that starts on July 11th.

I'm happy to say that one such project that is nearing completion is the long-planned t-shirt barrage.  I always thought that it would be fun to make up some shirts, and comic conventions seem to be the place to have them on hand.  The images you see on this post will soon adorn shirts (ready to buy, even!) at Comic-Con this year, thanks to the folks at Commonwealth Press in Pittsburgh.

The first image has been seen before - it's a Yeti-in-the-style-of-the-Thing shirt with art by Duane Redhead!  It's looking great, I think.

Next up we have an image by Leonardo Pietro!  It's...a fish.  But is it just a fish?  Oh no.  I considered for quite a while putting text on this shirt that gives the wordplay joke away...but in the end, I left it as just an image.  Who gets it?  Anyone?  I hope it's not too obtuse.  I hope that I don't have to explain it to everyone who looks at it at Comic-Con.  Any guesses?

Our next shirt is a little bit crude...but I couldn't resist it.  This was the first idea for a shirt that I ever had, and to see it on a shirt will be pretty fulfilling, even if I don't know that I would ever actually wear a shirt that is a play on words referring to, well, boobs.  But you, brave and ironic reader, you just might.

This design was made by Lisa and Vincent over at TeeMinus24.  They're local creators who make lots of shirts themselves!  Check out their site at http://teeminus24.com/.

Our last image isn't on a shirt mockup just yet, and that's because I don't have the blank shirts in for this one.  I'll be pushing it in trying to get this on a shirt for Comic-Con, but I think that I'll have just enough time!  I sure hope so, because this is a really spectacular image drawn by Adrian "Bago" Gonzalez (artist on the "Accordion Theory" comic strip).  So yes, I will have two Teddy and the Yeti-themed shirts for Comic-Con.  Gotta support the brand!  You may be wondering why the Yeti gets all the love and Ted doesn't have a shirt for himself.  The answer to that question is simply that I don't have any good ideas for a Ted shirt just yet.  We'll see.

All of the shirts for these are coming from Next Level Apparel, a California-based supplier.  Everyone I've dealt with from Next Level has been extremely helpful and easy to deal with.  Their shirts are top-notch, too!  They're all really soft and of good quality.  Once I get the finished shirts in (the first wave should be in next week, hopefully), I'll take pictures and post them up.  If you're at Comic-Con, check out the Wagon Wheel Comics booth in the small press section, row Q, table 11!  We'll have lots of things on display, now including shirts!

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Larry Franks said...

I can't wait to wear mine. And sell people theirs.