Monday, March 28, 2011

Birthday swag, part 2

Yesterday was my birthday, and as is tradition in my family, my wife went to Ye Ol' Dairy Queen to get an ice cream cake for me.  Here's an interesting tidbit - Dairy Queen ice cream cakes aren't cakes at all, just ice cream and icing shaped to LOOK like a cake.  What jokers, those guys at the DQ.  Anyway, another tradition (using the word as loosely as possible, I guess) we have is to confuse the decorators there as much possible, and all signs point to this year as being a rousing success.  It took a few tries for my wife to get the icing chef to understand that she was saying "it's clobberin' time", and perhaps even longer for them to understand that she was serious in that I actually wanted the Thing's catch phrase on a cake.

This stands in stark contrast to last year's birthday, when we went for something completely different:

Yes!  My cake said "Beast Wars", which really confused the hell out of them at the store.  Looking at this picture now for the first time in, oh, a year, I see that I decided to wear the exact same shirt for my last two birthdays, completely unintentionally.  Perhaps it's just my birthday shirt.  Also, Larry was there.

Anyway, I managed to snag quite a few cool items for the big day, among which were The Walking Dead season 1 DVD, Venture Bros. volume 4 part 2 DVD, and the new Tick action figure from Shocker Toys:

It's pretty cool.

And in another sign that Google is slowly taking over the world, the search engine greeted me with this message when I went to the site yesterday:

That's just weird.  Thoughtful, but weird.

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