Sunday, March 27, 2011

more references, some more obscure than others

I just wrote about a few random Futurama references in recent and semi-recent comics, and as if someone wanted to point out that I am apparently the target audience for all comic books, I opened up issue #7 of the Tick's new series and lo and behold, I find not just references to other things that I like, but eerily specific references that seem a bit close for comfort.  That's not saying I didn't enjoy them - I did, oh I did.  For instance:

Hey look, it's a Firefly reference - specifically to the character Jayne Cobb and his hat.  You know, like the knitted one I have:

Here's me selling Franks and Beans at the New York Comic Con.  With a Jane Cobb hat on.  And the guy buying the DVD has another Jayne Cobb hat on.  And a shirt.  But okay, now, I know what you're saying (YES, YOU): that wasn't the most Jeff-specific reference that the book could have had, for sure.  Shall I present, exhibit two:

This "biggest ball of time in Minnesota" billboard is a strange reference to the Weird Al anthem "The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota".  I have no idea why writer Benito Cereno had this take on the title, but perhaps it'll resurface for another issue in the future.  Speaking of Weird Al, oh yeah, I'm a big fan.  Here's a picture of me at a show last year, awkwardly handing him a comic that referenced him:

Not enough for you?  Well here's a third, from the very same page:

The Corn Palace.  The Corn Palace!  It's located in Mitchell, South Dakota.  How do I know this?  Because I've been there.  Oh, how I've been there:

Interestingly enough, Weird Al was having a concert at the Corn Palace just a few weeks after I found it.

Thanks, Tick series, for getting inside my brain.


Bo Duke said...

That is really weird. You sure you didn't actually write the issue?

Jeff said...

Here's how you can tell the difference: if I wrote the book, there would be more obvious Weird Al references. And possibly Weird Al would show up every now and then.