Sunday, March 6, 2011

Andromeda Jones by Todd Nauck and Karin Rindevall (what's old is new again!)

The pencil and inked version of this file has been virtually sitting on my hard drive for nearly five years now (a staggering amount of time for a single comic book page, really) - I remember being in Youngstown and sending an e-mail to Todd Nauck about something that transformed into this finished piece of artwork.  Earlier today, I got an e-mail from super colorist Karin Rindevall with this attached.

At the time, I think I was trying to jump start an Andromeda Jones series and this seemed like a good way to drum up interest.  I'm sure it would have been if I had a better overall plan for AJ and the rest of her crew - as it is, though, I'm happy to revisit the characters and the premise every now and then.  Perhaps I should just treat it like an overt science fiction property and not worry about some of the backstory and details as much as I sometimes do.

The original black and white file was lettered by Adnan Virk, who is quite possibly the best letterer I have even a passing personal relationship with.  Adnan is a writer by trade and only lettered as a convenience (which I can relate to), and I don't think he goes that route any more, so I have a decision to make when it comes to that.  I'll probably give it a try myself and see how I do.

In any case, it's great to see this piece of artwork as it brings back memories of what seems like forever ago.  Todd did a great job with this, of course, and Karin really brought the rest of it to life with her colors.  Will this see print?  I can't see how it couldn't eventually, and a story that's one page in length shouldn't be too much of a hassle.  I'll just have to see where it'll work best.

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