Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thing sketchbook, part 2

Here's another installment from my award winning* Thing sketchbook - five entries that I've managed to collect over the years.  There are some great ones included in this batch (check out the first one by Tim Bradstreet!), and another where I need some help with the artist's name.  Let's begin with the showing and the telling:

Tim Bradstreet - Pittsburgh Comicon 2003

Tim Bradstreet (perhaps best known for his Punisher covers) gets the prize for "best intimidating image" for this book.

While sketching, he mentioned several times that he was looking forward to taking in a Pirate game while he was in town.  I then asked him if he knew that they were terrible.

Michael William Kaluta - Pittsburgh Comicon 2003

A few people were getting sketches from Mr. Kaluta as I stood in line toward the end of the day, and he told everyone that he could draw two types of sketches - good ones that would cost money, and not-so-good ones that were free.  You can guess which one I opted for.  He used a can to draw the sunset.

Jimmy Palmiotti - Wizard World Philadelphia 2004

It took Jimmy all of 30 seconds to draw this (nevertheless impressive) sketch, proving to his friends that it could be done.  "Start with the brow and go from there," he said.

Wizard World Philadelphia 2004

This artist (whose name is John, though I forget his last name...and it's such a distinctive signature!!) happened to be sitting right next to Jimmy Palmiotti at the Wizard World show, so I just passed the book on to him.

I mentioned that he could draw any version of the Thing he wanted to - helmet Thing, pineapple Thing, etc. - and he replied that he hadn't enjoyed the Fantastic Four book since Jack Kirby left.  I thought to myself, "wasn't that like 35 years ago?!", but I didn't say anything.

In either case, "Thing in Love" is a pretty good one.

Artboy_X - Wizard World Los Angeles 2005

My buddy (and Mr. Massive artist) Artboy_X has a code name.  I don't know why.  Anyway, I got him to add a sketch to the book, which my wife thinks looks a lot like Wolverine.

That's good for now, eh?  I've got a bunch more, so look for another entry soon.

*It hasn't actually won any awards.  But it is deserves to.  Oh, how it deserves to.


kriz said...

excellent sketchs man.

Jeff said...

I appreciate it! I'll be posting more soon, so look for those!