Friday, April 23, 2010

what I got in the mail today

Today was a pretty big day all around - for one, it was the first day of the Pittsburgh Comicon, and things went well.  I'll toss up a few pictures from the show soon - right now, though, I thought I'd show off my great big mail day, and perhaps everyone can be jealous.  It's okay if you're not, though.

First on the list is the grand debut of Teddy and the Yeti #3.  UPS delivered this on Wednesday, but I finally got to the boxes today.  The books turned out really well - both the 'regular' cover that you see above, with art by Tom Scioli, and the 'convention exclusive' edition with a cover by Jorge Correa, Jr.  I'm thrilled with the quality, really.  Just take a look at the inside:

After coming home from the convention's first day, I found the following waiting for me:

Etsy's Punkvixen sent me a few stuffed Yeti dolls that she put together.  After a few adjustments made since the previous model, I will say that I'm really pleased with how these came out.  I'm taking them to the con tomorrow, where I can hopefully send them to new homes.

Artist extraordinaire Paul Tucker surprised me by sending some of his books, including a copy of Borderland from Viper Comics.  Paul drew the Mr. Massive story in the back of issue #2, in case anyone forgot - and this stuff is no less impressive.

And lastly...

I got my shipment of Futurama toys in today - four in total.  So take that, PuzzleZoo!  I managed to snag all the figures I was missing.

All in all, a pretty spectacular mail day.  Pittsburgh Comicon, day #2 is tomorrow.  Time for sleep.

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