Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Someone apparently finds it worthwhile to Twitter about Teddy and the Yeti

I will start off by saying that I don't really get Twitter.  However, I never really got blogging either, and look at me now - I guess I like to talk about myself in a round about fashion, so I guess you never say never.

At any rate, my good friend Larry sent me a link to ComicList's news bulletin from December 5th that Twittered...uh, Twotted...Tweeted...whatever - linked here and posted here, complete with the Teddy and the Yeti logo!  The actual article is two sentences long (the English teacher in me says it would work better as one), and the rest is just a big long quote from this very blog discussing Teddy and the Yeti's move from Diamond to Haven Distributors.  Other sites have picked up on this news as well, so T&Y's distribution change is dominating the Google search right now.

This is interesting for a few reasons.  First and foremost, the fact that someone actually reads this blog is strange and terrific.  Furthermore, the fact that someone thought that the snag with distributing the book qualified as actual comic book news enough to report on it makes me stare blankly at my computer screen.  It's actually quite validating in its own way, to think that someone is out there quoting me...on this blog.  Weird.


Chuck said...

Chuck from ComicList here- yes, I found your announcement about Haven, as I have a Google search set up to email me whenever Haven Distributors is mentioned on the internet. Yes, it is worth reporting in my opinion, as Diamond, for better or worse, has had a distribution monopoly since the 90s, and any cracks in that monopoly will have major repercussions for the comic book industry.

Jeff said...

Hey Chuck! Thanks for your response. Diamond...man, I'm of two minds when it comes to them. I don't think their monopoly is anything other than a result of the fact that comic books are part of a niche market, and there's just (or perhaps WAS) a lack of natural competition. However, I think that they're leaving many of the smaller publishers behind, and the success and future viability of the comic book market as a whole depends on more than just Marvel and DC.

We'll see what happens - hopefully another distribution company, Haven or otherwise, will step up and provide a real challenge for Diamond. Competition would be good, in this case, for everyone.