Sunday, December 27, 2009

The haul.

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas.  Getting stuff isn't the reason for the holiday, but it's ultimately what everyone asks you at one point or the other, and why yes, I did quite well for myself in that department, thanks for asking.

Some of the comic book related items I was lucky enough to get this year:
- The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon
- Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud (I'm ashamed that I've never read this before)
- Saga of the Swamp Thing volume 2 (HEY-OOOOO!)
- Fantastic Four/Spider-Man Classics collection
- a kick-butt Thing painting from my buddy Mike

The giant Bender head isn't necessarily comic book related, as it's more of a television show, but they DO have a Futurama comic, so what the heck.  Futurama: The Complete Collection 1999-2009 DVD set is awesome.  And I HAVE the individual DVD sets already...which is ridiculous.  But I'm enjoying it just the same.

And here's a list of things that didn't make the list because they have nothing to do with comics but I'm telling you because they are great:
- Wonderfalls on DVD
- an Elroy Face (part of the 1960 Pittsburgh Pirate world champion team) autographed baseball
- a few Weird Al things - "Weird Al" Yankovic: Live DVD, the Jurassic Park single CD, and a Like a Surgeon picture disc 45.

So, yeah...I did alright.  I'd be interested in hearing what other people got, so go ahead and make me feel jealous, if you can.

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The Grouchy Gastronome said...

Diamond earrings for The Gnome...yeah you wish you had some for yourself.