Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Casting the Teddy and the Yeti movie

There's no Teddy and the Yeti movie in the works, but who's to say there never will be?  Comics as movies are a hot property now and Teddy and the Yeti could be great on the big screen.  ARE YOU LISTENING, HOLLYWOOD?!?

Anyway, if I were to cast the primary roles for this fictional movie, there would be no other actor who could play the role of Ted than Jamie Bamber, perhaps best known for his role as Lee "Apollo" Adama from the recent Battlestar Galactica remake (which was fantastic, by the way).  Let's run down the list of his qualifications:

- He's a good actor
- He's British
- He's the right age

Hmm...am I missing anything?  Oh, right - he looks so close to how Ted is drawn in the comic that it's like Duane modeled the character after him.  He didn't - Duane actually used one of his friends as a model for Ted's basic look - but wow, what a resemblance.  This book needs to take off fast, if nothing else than because this might be the character Jamie Bamber was born to play.  Or at least look like.

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