Monday, September 28, 2009

website updates

For the first time in...well, quite a while, I've updated the ol' website. It's not a major overhaul or anything, just a few things that have been necessary for while: most notably, I've got a five-page preview of the first issue in the "comics" section, and I've changed the "contact" e-mail address to something that actually sends and receives mail, which is quite a concept. was a nice thought, and godaddy does provide an e-mail name when you buy the domain, but I never really thought to activate it/check it, so for all I know there are e-mails from Hollywood executives ready to buy the Teddy and the Yeti screenplay for TEN BILLION DOLLARS floating around in there. Regardless, safe and reliable gmail is now providing (FOR FREE!) a host for all the Yeti mail I'm sure to get. The new e-mail address is so we're clear.


The Grouchy Gastronome said...

Dude, you don't even include a clickable website link to your site? I had to copy and paste the page in like some sort of animal.

Jeff said...