Wednesday, September 30, 2009

the magic of Photoshop

The Teddy and the Yeti ad machine is in full swing. The October issue of Previews is here as of today, complete with a nice half page ad to do with its listing. I'll put a picture of that up tomorrow...OR WHENEVER I GET AROUND TO IT!!

Anyway, I cobbled together an animated gif that I'm hoping to use on a few comic-themed websites in the near future. Let me say that if anyone feels an inkling to use this or show it to others, well...*cough*...I certainly won't complain. Unless you preface it with something like "here's something I hate:" and then show the banner ad. That would make me sad.

EDIT: Dammit! It looks like uploading the banner to this site makes the gif lose its animated qualities. It does other things than just sit there, I promise. I'll try to get a link to it or something. Crap, this is just a wasted post without the animation!

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