Monday, September 7, 2009

Other stuff, part 2 - The Partisan

Hey everyone, have you ever thought about killing lots of random people? Well, me too! Wait...that didn't come out right. I meant to say that I've thought about it in a fictitious sense, as in...I'm writing a comic based on the premise of...

okay, I'm going to start over.

Paul Tucker (he who was born to draw western-style comics, and yet is very, very Canadian) and I have been working on "The Partisan", a concept we've been working on for a few years that looks at the last survivors of Judgement Day. The end of the world, in our story, has actually happened, but a few thousand people go unaccounted for. Our main character's job is to kill every person who, for whatever reason, has been left out of the great reckoning. After this, he conveys, the end can go on as scheduled, and Heaven and Hell can finish their struggle.

So, yeah, basically the plot is one guy trying to kill everyone in the world. Or as I like to say: BLOOD! CARNAGE! VIOLENCE!

If we manage to get this book out, I hope it's openly condemned by an ultra right-wing fundamentalist group. Things always sell better after someone labels your product as a menace to society.

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