Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Halloween, 2013!

Ah, Halloween, a time when people all over can come together and dress like gorillas poorly dressed as people.  It's a special time for all.

I took a few hours on Thursday to toss on my gorilla suit and head out with fellow Franks and Beans star Larry.  I thought it'd be funny to dress as a gorilla trying desperately to fool people that he was actually a human.  I don't think anyone got the joke, but whatever.  Larry spent a little more time on his costume and went as the Terminator.

Larry spent the entire night reciting lines from "Kindergarden Cop", which I thought was a really nice touch, though I eventually got tired of hearing about strangers' fathers and their employment.

As usual, though, my nephews end up being so damn cute that it makes me wonder why I try at all.  They even helped me out by pulling up the comic book quotient for this blog.  Thanks, guys!

This looks like he's going to fly off, leaving shattered pavement behind.  Perhaps he will.

Happy Halloween!  Let's eat some candy.

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