Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pictures from the 2013 New York Comic-Con, part 1

The 2013 New York Comic-Con was, by all accounts, bigger than ever, and I was lucky enough to receive a professional pass for the show, which now takes up four days, including an extended "preview" Thursday.  My work schedule meant that I couldn't make it for the entire show, so I drove out to eastern Pennsylvania on Friday evening and made my way into New York City on Saturday, October 12th for one of the country's largest comic and pop culture conventions.  I took a number of pictures, some of which I'll share today and a few more times in the days to come.  Let's begin!

Parking in New York City is obviously outrageous (in 2010 it was $50 per day), so I drove to Newark and took a train into Penn Station.  I wasn't the only one who decided on this route, as I was accompanied on the train by the Blues Brothers.  They looked like they knew what they were doing, so I followed them through the maze from Penn Station to street level to the convention center.

Upon arriving from underground, there was a famous landmark or two to take in.

The way to the convention center, along 34th street, was easy enough to follow because the way was lined with folks in costumes.  Even so, there were convention workers in bright orange shirts along several street corners, directing the human traffic toward their destination.

As a perk of having the professional pass, I was allowed to enter through a side entrance.  There were a handful of others entering at the same time I was, but there were no lines to speak of, and I basically walked right in.  My badge was scanned and I successfully managed to make it to NYCC without getting killed!  Very exciting.

There was lots to see upon entering, and for a while I just wandered around, looking to see what I could see.  Eventually I made my way to the artist alley section, which was a little out of the way, so I could get to the FUBAR booth.  I wanted to say hello to the guys working there, and I selfishly wanted to drop off some of the things I was carrying.  Along the way I saw this person dressed up at Ragdoll from the Secret Six.

I talked to the FUBAR guys for a while, and got a peek at Dom Vivona's personal sketchbook.  He showed me this great illustration of the Tick, reminiscent of the early Edlund work.  Very cool!

I eventually made it back to the convention floor, where I saw the First Second display.  I walked up and bought the recently released Battling Boy, which I was looking forward to, when someone asked if I was in line for the Paul Pope signing.  I had no idea what he was talking about, but I soon found out that Pope was making an appearance soon and, from where I was standing at the booth, I was accidentally around seventh in line.  I kept my impromptu spot and soon I was able to get the copy of my book signed by Pope himself.  I also landed a number of promotional items, all of which I'll show off a little bit later.  It was a lucky score for me.

I was pretty excited to see Nick Fury's flying convertible in the new SHIELD program; so far it's been a highlight from an otherwise mediocre production (pick it up, Whedon!).  Having a car at the convention was a nice touch as well.

Since I've taken in some episodes on Netflix, I've come to appreciate Bob's Burgers for what it is.  Here's some younger costumers at the show.

And here's a slightly more modest Molotov Cocktease from the Venture Bros.!

The accessories obviously make this costume.

Some '90s, cartoon-era X-Men.  What's that guy in the bottom right got going on on his iPad screen?

A few "Age of Apocalypse" X-Men!  And...Lady Deathstryke, I think?

Teams were a big focus of a lot of costumes on Saturday.  I wonder if these were groups who came together, or individuals who found each other at the con and decided to take advantage of a good thing.  This '80s era Justice League did a nice job.

And here's a group of Fantomex characters...and Vision...and...Waldo.  Okay.

Lots of cool things to see at NYCC.  I'll post more pictures soon!

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