Sunday, October 20, 2013

Another desktop-clearing session of RANDOM NOTES! Fantastic Four #48, the NFL's Thing, Futurama/Adventure Time and more!

It's time for more seemingly random, semi-comic book related notes that don't deserve their own post!  They may think they do, but they don't.  Don't feel bad for them.

- I made it out to an estate auction this weekend because I heard that there were some comics on the block.  When I die, I wonder if my possessions will be picked through by hungry crowds looking to get a good deal on a box of a dead guy's socks.  I guess I won't care at that point, but hey, maybe I'll inspire a nephew or crazed fan to keep all of my collection in tact.  Maybe I'll get a museum wing or something.

Anyway, I managed to get outbid on just about everything I wanted, but I did come home with about 20 or so comics, including this gem, for a great price.  This copy of Fantastic Four #48 is not in the best shape, but it's not a piece of crap either, and its covers contain one of the most famous stories of the entire silver age of comics.  It's the first appearance of Galactus, the Silver Surfer and the Watcher, and I'm happy to add it to my collection.  It's got a date stamp on the cover, which is unfortunately not uncommon for books of this era, but at least it doesn't have the damn guy's name scrawled across the top, as was the case with many of the other books I brought home.

- The Thing made a more modern appearance at the recent Steelers/Bengals tilt, captured here via the magic of...a camera phone.  Everyone knows, of course, that the Thing is actually a Jets fan, and that no one is a Bengals fan, but you do what you can in Cincinnati.  I especially enjoy the girl in the bottom left corner, who, as a Steeler fan attending a losing effort, is apparently puking all over Bengals fans.  Good job, lady.  The great Steeler comeback is underway.

- I did some dressing up of my own recently.  Years ago, I had vowed that if the Pirates ever made the playoffs again, I would attend a game dressed as a gorilla dressed as a pirate.  That time was the 2013 season, so I had to oblige the fates.  I'm seen here with Wolverine, I think.

- Futurama's last episode has aired on Comedy Central, and the show is once again on hiatus until it the inevitable resurrection.  I refuse to believe that it is gone for good - hopefully 2014's Simpsons/Futurama crossover episode paves the way for new episodes in 2015.  I have hope!  The most recent season had lots of highlights, but one of my favorites came in the form of a well-placed Adventure Time cameo, precipitated by the fact that both Bender and Jake are voiced by John DiMaggio.

- DC Comics has released a short animated video celebrating the 75 years of Superman.  It's got some real inspiring moments and, overall, it hits on a lot of the memorable points in Superman's history.  If you haven't seen it yet, it's well worth the two minutes it takes to watch!  That being said, the video probably focuses a little too much on the last 20 years, and it leaves out some fairly important parts, namely Crisis and the Byrne '80s relaunch, as well as, oh yeah, CLARK KENT'S MARRIAGE TO LOIS LANE.  As much as DC is trying to sweep all relationships under the rug these days, that's still a huge part of the history of Superman.

- A British geneticist might just have solved the mystery of the yeti, revealing the existence of a "hybrid" bear with polar bear and grizzly bear DNA.  It's a fascinating idea and it might explain all of those abominable snowman sightings.  Read about it here:

- I recently lettered a short sci-fi story titled "Diver Down" for fellow FUBAR contributors Mark Bertolini and Carl Yonder!  I have absolutely no idea what the plans are for the story, but it was fun to work on.

- Aaaaand finally, the always helpful SDCC blog has a post that compares Comic-Con International to the recent New York Comic-Con.  Both shows are fun but nothing compares to the big boy in San Diego, in my opinion.  Read the article and decide for yourself!

Man, this session of Random Notes was a lot of fun.  I think I'll write another one, just for FUBAR, soon.  Although it might have to be titled "Specific Notes", then.  We'll see.

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