Thursday, January 24, 2013

"Yeti Rhyme Time" with Rafer Roberts! (plus a Thing sketch!)

Behold!  The mighty Yeti!  Teddy and the Yeti #4 boasted a new T&Y-themed comic strip from none other than Fred Hembeck, and for the fifth issue of the book, I thought I'd continue the nascent tradition and turned to friend and fellow FUBAR collaborator Rafer Roberts for an assist.  As you can see, Rafer came through with a great new comic strip that is just the right shade of bizarre for me.  I especially like the fuzziness of the Yeti that we see here, along with one of the most obscure appearances of all time.  That's poet and activist Lawrence Ferlinghetti, everyone!  Get some culture, will ya?

As I said, I'll be using this strip for the letters page of issue #5, and I'll get it colored so it fits in with the rest of the book in that regard.  But here's an early look at it as I can't help but share when something this great shows up in my inbox.

Rafer also recently sent me the newest issue of his book, Plastic Farm, and the above Thing sketch card, which is just so lovely.  There are obvious Kirby influences but there's a uniqueness to it as well.  It's a great combination.

Be sure to check out more of Rafer Roberts's work by clicking the link to his website:!  Be sure to check out his Thanos/Darkseid riff while you're there.

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