Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A holiday tradition! My students continue to draw the Hulk poorly.

At this point, we should know how this game works.  As an aside on the final I give in the composition classes I teach, I hint at the possibility of bonus points for renditions of the Hulk in/on the green books used for a final essay.  I never actually give out bonus points for this, but it's fun to see just who takes the bait and draws up a Hulk.

Not too many to choose from this time around, but then again, if you've seen one terribly drawn Hulk, I guess you've seen them all.  Please keep in mind that these are college students who are drawing these; I can't say that I would do a good job at drawing, well, anything, if given the chance, but some of these are just awful beyond any hope of redemption.  Case in point: the image at top is perhaps the best one I received.

THIS image, however, is probably the worse...EVER.


I actually like this one, although it may pass better for a Sea Monkey or some similar quasi-aquatic animal.  I do enjoy the Hulk speech employed here.

What?  This isn't the Hulk.  It's a picture of me, wearing a shirt with my own name on it and a Pirate hat.  Come on.

This is how you draw the Hulk if you can't draw.  I can appreciate this one and it's probably no better or worse than my own art would be.

This artist started to draw something, but had to erase it and start over...and still, this is the best he/she could do.  The Hulk pants are nice, though.

See you next semester!