Friday, January 11, 2013

FUBAR gets some high profile attention

Suffice it to say, FUBAR keeps surprising me with the amount of exposure it continues to gather.  The book has been well received since the first volume and it's continuously done well at conventions.  A few weeks ago, I was at a comic shop and someone approached me because he recognized me from a signing earlier in the year.  He was excited to talk about FUBAR and I, honestly, was excited about someone recognizing me.

There's a difference, though, with having a good convention and seeing the book included on the New York Times bestseller list, and recently, FUBAR got more of the high-profile attention that is a continued source of amazement.

A few days ago, Kickstarter revealed a "best of 2012" presentation on their site, and front and center in this was a full slide dedicated to FUBAR and its NYT accomplishment.  FUBAR was one of only a handful of projects that the site highlighted for the entire year-in-review show.  That was quite the accolade, though it wasn't the only one to come our way.

On January 9th, National Public Radio mentioned FUBAR in a piece about Kickstarter's accomplishments, and they were even kind enough to put a direct link to the FUBAR homepage on their website.  The combination of these two events, I'm told from a reliable source, is already leading to increased website hits and a higher demand for the books themselves on sites like

What a great thing it is to be involved with a project like FUBAR - there was certainly a significant amount of luck in the mix on my end, as I was basically at the right place at the right time to jump on the creative wagon before the first volume came out - and it's been very gratifying to see it reach even the outskirts of the cultural zeitgeist the way it has.

The FUBAR Winter Special, as it turns out, will be in stores on the last Wednesday of this month, followed by the third volume and several other smaller projects later in the year.  Who knows where we'll be in another year.  Maybe it'll go even higher.

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Larry Franks said...

I remember when we were making fun of McComsey's name on this very blog that lead to meeting him at Pittsburgh comic con. Crazy where that lead.