Saturday, February 4, 2012

War of the Independents #3, page 11

Here's an uncolored page from the upcoming War of the Independents #3.  This indy crossover features a bevy (that's right, a bevy) of cool characters, but this page specifically is near and dear to my heart, as it features Teddy and the Yeti in two panels!  Can't pick 'em out?  Here, I'll do all the work for you (grumble):

That's from the final panel (where Ted is unceremoniously getting hit in the head with a rock); they also appear as tiny little figures in the first panel!  I can't wait to see this page colored and the entire issue in all its glory.

From what I'm told, issue #2 of the mini series will appear in stores this month.  Issue #3 is back in Diamond's Previews catalog with an order code of JAN121247.  This issue features Teddy and the Yeti's first cover appearance, with art by Chris Giarrusso, with another by Todd Nauck!  Check it out, kids, and order away!

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