Thursday, February 9, 2012

Let's all go to Butt-Con!

Hey, kids?  Not doing anything this weekend?  Do you like fun, games, collectibles and most importantly butts?  Then hop on down to Butt-Con IV this February 11th and 12th for what is sure to be...wait, what?  It's not Butt-Con, but "But-Con"?  Like a conjunction convention?  Oh, wait.  "But" stands for "Butler".  It's the Bulter-Con.  Oh.  Ooooh.

I bought a few comics this past week from the good folks up at New Dimension Comics, and on my bag was pasted the above flyer.  Now, NDC has been known to put on a good show, and it's run by some great people.  I'm also sure that, as this is its fourth year running, the jokes about asses are played out.  But "But Con"?  Really?  That's hilarious.  Oh well.  If anyone is in the mood to meet R2D2 or Pittsburgh's own Steelman, you now know where to go.  To Butt-Con.


Okay, it's still kind of funny.

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