Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hero Initiative renewal swag!

I recently renewed my membership with the Hero Initiative, the comic book charity that helps creators in need...and I got a couple cool things that I thought I'd share pictures of!  I only have the Bronze level membership, which is less than $30 a year, so really...if you like comics, why not send a couple bucks their way?  It's absolutely worth your while, and not just because you'll get stuff in return like the above tote bag (people love tote bags, right??) with the brand new Hero Initiative logo.  Exclamation points never go out of style.

I also got this great sketch card, featuring a rather beefy-looking Human Torch (in this image, he's on his way to the gym to do neck exercises) close to the Thing.  So close.  Oh well, any member of the Fantastic Four is all right with me.  Even Ant Man!  (Note: not Ant Man.)

I don't recognize the art style and I can't make out the signature - can anyone help me out with the name of the artist who drew this card?  I love how it's laid out like a comic book page with the lines for bleed.

So, yeah, this blog was just about me promoting the Hero Initiative.  There are worse things to shill for, though, and you (YOU!!) could do worse than helping them out.  You can find out more about them and what they do at their official website:

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