Saturday, November 6, 2010

revisionist history is going through some updates, so this will serve as the homepage for the time being - most of what happens, happens here in any case, so it shouldn't be a big issue.  If you were directed here from the main page and are visiting for the first time, welcome!  If not...well, you can stay here, too, I guess.

A few days after the New York Comic Con, in which I handed out dozens if not hundreds of cards, flyers and books advertising the T&Y website, Google let me know that the site may be distributing malware.  The timing of this announcement was of course teeth-gnashingly frustrating, but things are taken care of for now.  While the placeholder (along with the "coming in 2011" story with Alan Gallo) redirects you to this lovely Blogger page, I'm busy streamlining the site before it goes back to full capacity operation.  I'm going to remove a few items, like the "links" section (they're all listed more efficiently on this page) and the message boards (again, they were redundant).  I'll also be adding a few things, like more comic previews and a section detailing the interviews I've done for the book and otherwise.

In all, it won't be a drastic revamp, but I think after I'm done, everything will look just a little bit better.  Naturally, I'll post a note up here once the website is up and running again.

Speaking of tiny updates, I've made a few to this site.  I've posted a link to the Teddy and the Yeti paper heroes patterns - the direct link takes you to the pdf files that you can save and print off on your own.  I also managed to get Teddy and the Yeti (including the new "Teddy and the Yeti's Back!" issue) into a comic shop in Longs, SC, and the link is to the right.  And because I love it, I've added a link to weekly NFL television maps - now you can find out if the Steelers are the national feed in YOUR area, every single week!  They probably are, because they are awesome.

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