Sunday, November 7, 2010


The Teddy and the Yeti 2010 tour (check out that alliteration!) makes one final stop before exploding and perhaps maiming all involved.  I'll be appearing at the Pittsburgh Comic & Collectibles Show one week from today (November 14th) at the Century III mall New Dimension Comics store.  Also attending are "guys you might have actually heard of" like Jim Shooter and Ron Frenz, Teddy and the Yeti cover artists Tom Scioli and Pat Olliffe (come get a copy of issue #3 signed!), and a bunch of other jerks outstanding citizens.

I'm not entirely sure of the hours for the show.  This is something that I should know.  I'll find that out soon.  In any case, I'm sure it'll be over early enough to get home and watch the Steeler game at 8:20.  So...stop by.  Here's the website!

And here's the same bio that I've used the entire year!  Perhaps I should change it up for the next show...supposedly in 2011.

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