Thursday, May 13, 2010


Every major comic book company will keep on file character sheets, which are, basically, front, back and sometimes profile shots of their major characters.  They do this because, at big companies like Marvel and DC, a number of different artists will be drawing the same character at any given time, and the companies want to keep their characters looking as consistent as possible.  Gone are the days when a company had a "house style" - at least on the surface, it seems, companies are much more open to an artist's interpretation of a given character.

My inbox was delighted (yes, that's right - an event so wonderful happened that my inbox felt emotion) to receive the above and below character specs for Teddy and the Yeti - and I think you'll agree that they look utterly fabulous.  It's easy to see that Duane took his time and was meticulous with the detail...and why not?  These are now the definitive images of the two characters.

These images serve a dual purpose, though - these might, I don't know, work as pretty good models if we were to try to have some action figures made.  Now, don't read too much into that, as there are no plans in this area right now.  But I am talking with one of my friends who runs Urban Rascal, a designer toy website, and we've at least started talking to see if there might be any interest in a line in one form or another.  We will see where that takes us, but I imagine that any news would be pretty far off.  I'm trying to be optimistic in this regard.

All I know is that if this does happen, my friend Larry will kill me if I don't make one of him at some point, which is one of the reasons I designed the character "Many Man" from an upcoming story to look like him.  Hold on to that hope, buddy.


Bo Duke said...

My head just exploded.

Jeff said...

Do you have multiple screen names, Larry?

Bo Duke said...

How in the world did that happen? I just logged in the same way. Google is in my head ITS IN MY HEAD!

Bo Duke said...

But seriously it must have something to do with the google profile thing, I put Bo as the nickname and it must put it in my posts, guess I gotta change that. Kinda sucks.

Jeff said...

You don't HAVE to change it. You could try to assume the identity of John Schneider. I won't tell.