Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Mile High salute and other notes

Mile High Comics placed an order last week for copies of Teddy and the Yeti #3, meaning that the online retailer (they also have physical locations, most notably in Denver, Colorado) now has all three issues in stock.  Other online stores have ordered copies of certain issues of T&Y, but Mile High is, as of now, the only store to order all three.  My thanks go out to William Moulton and all the rest at MHC for their continued support of the book.  I'm really not sure how to ask about the coincidence of a guy named William Moulton working in the comic book business (the creator of Wonder Woman was William Moulton Marston) - perhaps it's a nickname and other people working there take the pseudonyms "Joe Shuster" and "Jacob Kurtzberg".

You can click here to see Mile High's Teddy and the Yeti page - the first two issues are listed, and the third will be added soon.

- I've made some looooong overdue updates to the main website.  The main page no longer says something ridiculous like "preview the upcoming second issue!".  I've also update the store page, so you can buy both the first and second issues - I even made sure that combined shipping stays in effect if you purchase different issues.  The third issue isn't up for sale yet for two reasons: one, I'm a jerk, and two, I don't have any copies on hand right now.  Once I get ahold of some, I'll make sure that's there as well.

This blog page (...the one you're looking at right now) also got a minor update - along with listing online retailers that carry Teddy and the Yeti, I've compiled a list of physical comic stores that sell issues of the book as well.  For stores like Olympic Cards & Comics in Lacey, Washington and Evil Genius Comics in California, PA that have websites, I linked directly to those.  For stores without websites like Impossible Dreams in Bridgeville, PA and Gary's Comics & More in Morgantown, WV, I linked to at least the address on a map.  The list is over on the right somewhere...check it out.

- The website The Grouchy Gastronome has published another one of my blogs on food: the most recent one is titled "Hell Sandwich", which I think was a great naming decision on the part of she who runs the site.  Apparently I like to cheat places out of sandwich giveaways, and I finally stopped to think about some of the more lasting consequences.

- Finally, because this has become a regular feature here apparently, here's the latest episode of the popular Internet show Franks and Beans, "Rip Off".  I'm quite proud of it.

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