Monday, May 17, 2010

Obsession for Men

Everyone has a hobby, and I'm convinced that everyone has something they're obsessed with to different degrees.  How we control that urge to collect is what separates a fan from a collector from a hoarder, and we all have our limits on what constitutes as "too much".

For me, it's comics, obviously, and in drawing up plans for my future house (that's right...a house in the FUTURE) I've included a room specifically designed for permanently storing my comics that currently reside in dozens of long boxes ("permanent" is relative, of course.  After I'm dead, I doubt I'll care how my comics are stored).  As long as I stick to one obsession and don't branch out into others, I think I'll be okay, but there are always leaks in the dam, so to speak.  My DVD collection grows month by month, I've managed to snag every figure in Toynami's Futurama line, and I'm slowly procuring all of "Weird Al" Yankovic's singles on both vinyl and CD.

For my friend Larry, co star on the increasingly popular (really!) Internet show Franks and Beans, it's the Dukes of Hazzard.  Not coincidentally, that's how I got the lovely picture of John Schneider holding up a copy of Teddy and the Yeti #2.  Every collector has his or her limits, though.  I try to buy all of the books with the Thing in them, but I don't have a shelf full of Fantastic Four trade paperbacks - I stick to the individual issues.  So when I picked up a copy of Deadpool #22 and saw the above image, I asked myself, "is Larry gonna feel the need to buy this, too?"  It's a genuine reference, but it's a little out of the norm with the usual 1/44 scale models and the like.  Then I turned a few pages and saw this:

The THEME SONG, even!  So it comes down to the type of obsession one has regarding these things.  What's it gonna be, Larry?  What do you choose?


Bo Duke said...

Gotta have it. No question.

Jeff said...

It was a one-part story, too, so you were lucky in that regard. What'd you think?